Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Archbold Furniture Company a manufacturer or a retailer?
A. Archbold Furniture Company is a manufacturer.

Q. Is there an Archbold Furniture Company retailer near me?
A. Click here to find a store near you.

Q. Can I buy direct from Archbold Furniture Company?
A. Archbold Furniture Company sells exclusively through Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way retail stores. For more information regarding Real Wood, click here.

Q. What is the price of an Archbold Furniture Company product?
A. Visit or contact your local retailer for prices and availability.

Q. What types of wood are used in AFC products?
A. Based on the style and function of the piece of furniture the product is either manufactured out of Birch, Pine or Oak.

Q. Is there particle board in your furniture?
A. NO! Archbold Furniture Company products are manufactured with Real Wood.

Q. Can I receive a product catalog from Archbold Furniture Company?
A. Please browse our on-line catalog for the most current and up to date product offerings or visit your local store to see our products.

Q. Does the furniture come assembled or will I need to put it together?
A. Other than attaching legs for certain tables and a few promotional items, Archbold Furniture products are fully assembled.

Q. Are all products available unfinished (ready to be finished - stained or painted)?
A. Yes

Q. Why is your furniture sold unfinished?
A. By providing the furniture unfinished (without a stain or paint) you have the opportunity to finish the furniture exactly how you want it. Options include stain, paint, two-tone, or a number of decorative finishes.

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